MERKUR PALOTA : modern office and business center

Merkúr Palace is a modern office and business center in a renovated beautiful monumental building, located in the heart of Budapest in Nagymező Street, VI district. The project covering 10.400 m2 surface area was completed at the end of 2009.

200 years ago Nagymező (= great field) Street had nothing in common with the energetic city quarter of today. In the second part of the 19th century, due to the fast development, it has become one of the most densely populated districts of Buda-Pest. Now you can find houses, restaurants, theater district; including the operetta theater and the Moulin Rouge. Today Nagymező Street has become one of the most dynamically developing parts of renewing down-town, which is a business and cultural center at the same time.

One of Europe’s most modern telecommunication centers has been built in NagymezÅ‘ Street 54-56, at the beginning of the XX century. The original name was Teréz TávbeszélÅ‘ Központ, and was built in late eclectic style and for it’s inner and outer appearance has been one of the most famous buildings in Buda-Pest; today monumental building.

The once glamorous palace had lost until the end of the millennium its shine, and also the original function. At the end of 2005 a large scale renovation project was begun. The historical importance and architectural value of the building has set big expectations to the companies joining in the project. Today the front and the internal renovations have been done in the total style of the original appearance, installing the latest and most sophisticated technologies. Now the completed commercial spaces are in perfect accordance with the present technological and esthetic expectations.

The building has been given also a new name Merkúr Palace, after the god of commerce and god’s messenger as known in the roman mythology. The U-shaped building is situated between NagymezÅ‘ and Hajós Street. The two side-wings with a passage-like opening give a great opportunity on 1.200 m2 for restaurants, coffees, bars, and other entertainment functions, as well as for the possibility to use terraces. This will still increase value when Hajós Street will be transformed into a pedestrian area.

Offices will extend on three levels for 6.500 m2. The luxury offices are equipped with latest technology. On the attic we have 8 luxury Penthouse-apartments with an average surface of 150 m2 each. A 24 hours security service and reception guarantee for protection. To avoid the parking difficulties a parking lot of 1.200 m2 is going developed in the basement, exclusively for residents and tenants of the building.