The 15.700 m2 real estate is one of the most successful designs of the famous Hungarian architect Vadász György. The building was built in the years 1981-1986 originally as telephone center, at that time ultramodern. For the design it won the ”80′s best building” award.

During the renovation and refurbishment, the damages caused by the passing of the time have been repaired, the technical equipment of the building brought in line with the modern demand. Two of the most important Hungarian companies have chosen it as their operation center. Magyar Telekom has rented until today over 2650 m2, and the Magyar Posta rented from June 3.600m2.

The two companies have chosen this building for the excellent technical solutions. The roof of the building was planned to be extremely resistant, and special attention has been given, so that the building will never be without electricity. Two main electric cables are feeding the building as standard energy supplier but a standby battery system and a gasoline powered electricity generator, will guarantee the constant electric supply. The building is the perfect choice for those companies whose intention is to install servers, computer or other technologies equipments with particular demand. The location of the building is excellent, one of the nicest areas of Buda, close to Moszkva square, easy to reach by public transport. One of the nicest green parks of Városmajor is facing the eastern front side of the building.

There is an area of 1.200 m2 that can be developed as a multi-storey car park.

The office complex will be one of the few in the second district to dispose over a modern parking lot.
The building has two main entrances. One on Maros street and there is another one from Városmajor street. As a result of it the tenants of the separate wings of the building can use the entrances and elevator located the closest to their office.

The office building is open 24 hours a day.