Real Estate in Budapest

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and main market of real estate development, selling and investment. Most of the modern offices spaces developed for rent or for sale is located in Budapest. Most of the transactions are realized in Budapest. The number of people live and work in Budapest is a strong basis of the demand for real properties: for offices, hotels, residential houses, or properties with cultural or amusement use.

Hungary has always been a commercial and cultural center at the heart of Europe; GDP per capita and purchasing power in Budapest is considerably higher than the national average. Budapest is changing: new business and residential developments have happened, old classical buildings are also being refurbished.

Budapest is the main market of real estate development, selling and investment activities.

Budapest’s historic charm is being rediscovered, yet the newly developed steel and glass buildings let us know that this is very much a 21st century city. The new office buildings, shopping malls and hotels have repositioned Budapest, while value-added services, tourism and education continue to energize the city’s economy. In recent years the government has created a more investor-friendly financial environment in order to make real estate investment even more attractive.
Real estate prices in Hungary and Budapest are lower than prices in Warsaw, Prague or Bratislava. For the same reason the yield-producing potential of real estate investment is higher in Hungary compared to the countries of the region. The first modern office buildings in Budapest were developed nearly 20 years ago. It has been followed by many other new and refurbished buildings. Lawmakers has created a legal environment that support not just the property investment but the construction of the developments. Permitting is easier and faster and the architects and the contractors, project managers knows the rules and act accordingly.
In next years further investment possibilities will be put onto the market: both the central and the local governments will restructure its portfolio of real estates and part of the properties will be sold to private investors. Gestim is checking and evaluating these properties to gain information that can be communicated to its investors and prospective partners.