Real Estate Renovation

In most cases, a real estate investment involves the refurbishing of the real property purchased by our investors. The renovation and remodeling of a building, choosing the right function that suits the environment and the real estate can be an important factor when it comes to the basis of the yield potential the investment will produce.

Whatever function a real estate has, the proper condition is a must. As part of the investment, our experience in building renovation is offered you.

Whenever function a real estate has, the proper condition is in the spotlight

The remodeling of a real estate creates financial value, preserves the original decoration and architectural values. The renovation also extends the lifetime of the building, increase the value of the neighborhood and vica-versa. The more attractive and useful the environment, the higher the market value of your investment is. The experienced architects we work with are able to increase the rentable area of a building, without touching its architectural values. There is always demand for a well-located, properly refurbished building that meets the demand of contemporary functions.

During the renovation we focus on using solutions that will preserve the renovated condition for a long time. We take into consideration not just the function of the building, but we pay special attention to select the most durable and finest materials for the most attractive price. The renovation is carried out based on the renovation schedule and budget under control.

In past years we managed the renovation of listed commercial buildings in the downtown and other prestige areas of Budapest. We have modernized and renovated the facade of glass covered office building. We and our selected partners have special knowledge and experience in refurbishing monument buildings.

We have experience in converting the basement of historic building to underground car parking. Because of the limited parking spaces available in the downtown we look for the possibilities of accommodating as many cars as possible. We are able and ready to manage the development of new buildings on plots of land we have.